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Trip to the National Concert Hall

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First Years at the National Concert Hall

Today, 1 A, B & C Class, teachers Mr.Canning, Ms.Owens, and Carmel & Derval visited the National Concert Hall to see ‘The Bluebell Project – Sometimes the Signal Jumps’. Special thanks to Brian Fleming from Dublin Culture Connects for inviting us to this moving performance which was also translated into ISL. We got to see a group from the Bluebell Project performed on stage with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra.
This was followed with a lovely stroll through St.Stephan’s Green on a beautiful sun shining day where the students got to feed the birds. A little birdie told us they had great fun!

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Trip to Paris

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Transition Years had a wonderful trip to Paris where they got to go and see many great places. They visited the Deaf café, Aquaboulevard (Waterpark), the Lourve (Art Museum) , the Science Museum , Montparnasse Tower, Trocadero, Arc deTrionphe, Champs-Elysees, Sacre-Coeur, Montmartre, Place de la Concorde and they even got to go to Disneyland! Other highlights included visiting the 1000 Signs Cafe which is a owned by a deaf owner and all the staff there are deaf. We also had amazing coffee there! When we were at Trocadero two of our students Japhet & Angelo got to dance with celebrity dancer Salif Guey who danced on the Ellen Show. In the Lourve our tour guide was a french deaf man and he used international sign language as he brought us on our tour. We really enjoyed the tour, he brought the art in the Louvre Museum to life. This was an amazing trip – a trip of a lifetime.

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Community Sports Day

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By Donnchadh O’Connell

On Thursday, we walked to the Community Garda Sports Day. When we arrived, we were greeted by two Guards on their friendly, cute police horses. We stood in front of the horses to get a picture. We were in groups with different schools. The other students were very nice and even knew a small bit of sign language. We were asked to line up in front of the Garda. While we were lined up, the Garda politely showed us his Garda badge. They were very kind and really tall.

Then we did some exercises to warm up. We did jumping jacks and windmills. Then, we proceeded to 12 different stations which were really fun. My favourite station was an obstacle course in which you need to jump over some hurdles, run in between some cones and run back to your teammates all while wielding a big rubber ring. Then, we sat down on the soft grass and ate our delicious lunches in peace. At the end of the event, the teachers played the game tug of war with the Gardai. Then, the Gardai politely handed out some Gardai Na Shiochana medals. After that, we were exhausted and walked back to school.

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Year 4 had a wonderful day at the ESB Science Blast on Thursday. The ESB Science Blast aims to promote curiosity and critical thinking in children at primary school age to enable them to better respond to the challenges of the future.

The children were afforded the opportunity to showcase their science project, “Where is Home Sweet Home for a Bug?” They received excellent feedback from the judges who acknowledged the children’s hard work.

The children met with peers from all over Ireland who informed them about the findings of their science investigations. Additionally, the children attended interesting science shows, including a science rapper. A great day was had by all!

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Sports Day 2019!

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The rain stayed away for Sports Day at Holy Family School for the Deaf. We had a very active day with races in the morning followed by Yoga and Orienteering! The day finished off with school leavers versus the other students football matches. The school leavers were not impressed that the other students won!

The main message for sports day was “Doing your best is better than being the best”. Well done to all for taking part. A big thank you to all the staff and to MJ for making the Sport Day 2019 so successful!

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Creativity at Holy Family

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First years students (1A & 1B) created a beautiful floral artwork as part of the ‘Artist in the Classroom’ initiative for JCSP. John Canning organised for local artist Deirdre O Reilly to come to the Holy Family School to do an Art Workshop with our students. This was a wonderful and creative initiative. It was also a very much welcomed initiative that helped the students to destress after the summer exams. #Artinitiative #Amazingart #ArtistDeirdreOReilly #creative #destressingafterexams #jcsp #Art

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Coffee Morning in aid of Irish Cancer Society

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Susan O’Reilly

Congratulations to Susan O’Reilly who raised €280 for Irish Cancer Society by organising a coffee morning in the Holy Family School. We wish her the best of luck in the Dublin Mini Marathon in June.

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Students becomes Coaches!

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LCA 1 Students & Primary Students (1st Class)

LCA 1 completed a key assignment for a module on performance. After learning the key skills and techniques in Badminton during P.E. class with Mrs O’Regan and Mr Fitzpatrick, they developed a better knowledge of the game. They agreed to coach 1st class in the Primary school. After identifying three main skills, LCA1 created activities to develop those skills. They delivered them with a great level of organisation, fun and professionalism. They may have a future in coaching! Well done boys!

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Thanks to Dublin Lions

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Brian Fitzpatrick, Werner Schwenburg, Sinead Gavgahan, Nyi Nyi Cooper & Eimear O Rourke

We were delighted to have a good friend of the Holy Family School, the president of Dublin Lions Werner Schwenburg to visit us last week, especially on the day of the Challenge Cup Athlete competition because Dublin Lions sponsored our new colourful sport bibs. Our students and staff were thrilled with the new school sport bibs. Werner commented that “The bibs looked great and it was an overall very pleasant event with the right result for Holy Family. It was great to witness that. On behalf of the Dublin Lions Club let me say that we are honoured to be associated with the school and I look forward to working with you in the future.” We would like to thank Werner and the Dublin Lions for sponsoring the bibs. We have to say they look great!

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Challenge Cup AthleticC

The last meeting of the Challenge Cup  was held in the school field.  Charlie Gibbons  did a fabulous job getting the course ready.   The weather was great so all the athletes, boys and girls really enjoyed themselves.   
Our history in the Athletics was not great and we knew that we would have to run very hard.   

The results show;

  St Declan’s Colaiste Mhuire Holy Family
Running   86 28 52
Javelin   10 24  8
Shot Putt   26 12 21
Total 122  (82%) 64 (42%) 81 (52%)

We were very unfortunate in the relay with two boys colliding,  happily there were no serious injuries.  This event would not have taken place without the help of Sean Herlihy starter,  Shirley  Wolverston  & Noleen Dunne  recording and all the boys and girls who acted as judges for the runners.  Well done everybody. by Head Coach: Brian Fitzpatrick

                 CHALLENGE CUP  2019

We started the year as defending champions.  Changes were made to the competition .  One waterpolo match was dropped and GAA football was introduced.  The indoor part of the competition was dropped. 
We knew that we would be under pressure because we had lost some good players from last year.  The first meet Futsal saw us take a lead of 50 points.  The 2nd meet Basketball saw us lose that lead , where both St Declan’s and ourselves were 250 points each. The last meet before Xmas saw go back into the lead with an 84 points lead.  Xmas showed

St Declan’s Colaiste Mhuire Holy Family
281 197 365 84 point lead

After Xmas we resumed  (4th meet) with Futsal where we saw our lead maintained as all teams had the same points.  The 5th meet Waterpolo saw us take two wins firm  and increase  our lead to 184 points . Meet 6 Basketball saw us win our two matches and increase that lead to extend it to 234points. Meet 7 saw us lose our two GAA matches and reduce our lead  to 134 points.  Meet 8 the last meet Athletics saw us drop the lead by 41points to leave us as champions.

St Declan’s Colaiste Mhuire Holy Family
603 (61%) 411 (41%) 696 (70%)

CHAMPIONS 2019 FOR THE 5th Time!







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