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Ireland Reads

On Thursday 25 February Holy Family School is inviting students, staff, family, friends and the deaf community of all ages to get reading.

Why? Because taking some time for yourself to relax and do the things you enjoy (like reading) is important to help look after your mental wellbeing.

Please pick up your favourite book and
2. Time yourself reading
3. Email your time and a selfie of you reading your book (optional)

Happy Reading!!!

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School Return to Full Capacity

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope this message finds you safe and well.

I am delighted to let you all know that we have been given the go ahead by the Department of Education and Skills to reopen the school to all our pupils in early intervention, primary & post primary from Monday next- 1st March.

This means we no longer have to operate alternative days of attendance for our pupils.

Please contact Ashling Donegan, Boarding Manager if you have any queries about your son or daughter’s return to five day Boarding.

Please inform your bus driver that your child will be attending school every day from next Monday.

Some Important Key dates:

Monday 8th March: Post Primary section closure (JC teacher training) Early Intervention & Primary will open as normal.

Tuesday 9th March to 16th  March Mock Examinations for all 6th Year Leaving Certificate & Leaving Certificate Applied pupils.

All pupils are expected to sit the mock examinations regardless of any final decision in relation to sitting the written paper or opting for calculated grades. We are waiting for clarification from the Department on these options.

Wednesday 17th March School holiday. We close for a half day on Tuesday 16th and reopen on Thursday 18th March

As all pupils return, we will need your continued cooperation to keep our school safe and open in three key areas:

•          Please do not send your child to school if they are ill, particularly if they are showing any of the signs of Covid-19. Please consult with your doctor immediately and follow their advice. Please know that you will be contacted if your child becomes ill at school and that you must collect your child.

There will be no exceptions to this.

If you haven’t already completed the ‘Return to School Declaration” (See attached) please forward it without delay.

Thank you for your hard work, patience & support on the days your child was learning from home and I look forward to welcoming  all our the pupils back to school on Monday.

I hope you and all your family continue to stay safe and well in the meantime.

Kind regards,


Information in ISL below

Letter from Dept of Education to parents

Safe School Advice for Parents

Click on the file below to download ‘Safe school advice for parents’

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Back to School

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope all is well and you enjoyed the midterm break.
All sections of our school will re-open on Monday 22nd February.
Please check the Pupil Attendance Schedule for the days your son or daughter will attend this week. 
It is your responsibility to inform the bus driver of your child’s schedule.
Please Do Not send your child to school if they are unwell or have symptoms of Covid 19, is a close contact, or awaiting a test result.
Please see the HSE guide below: 

When it is OK to send your child to school or childcare

If your child is not a close contact, it is usually OK to send them to school or childcare if they:

  • only have nasal symptoms, such as a runny nose or a sneeze
  • do not have a high temperature and are not taking any form of paracetamol or ibuprofen – this can hide a temperature
  • do not have a new cough
  • do not live with anyone who is unwell and may have COVID-19
  • have been told by a GP that it’s OK to go back to school or childcare if they have recently been unwell.
  • have got a negative COVID-19 test result and have not had symptoms for 48 hours
  • have not had diarrhoea for 48 hours
  • are being tested as part of a serial testing programme, but have no symptoms and are not a close contact. For example, some children in direct provision centres
  • are tested regularly because they are in a vulnerable group.

IF your child becomes unwell at school, you must be available to collect him or her. Department of Education and Skills Covid protocols do not allow a child who is unwell to return home on school or public transport.
Thank you for your support and we will continue our vigilance to keep our school community safe.
Kind regards,

Eimear O’Rourke M.Ed

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Final Preparation for School Re-Opening tomorrow

Category : Post Primary

Once again, thank you for confirming your decision on your son or daughter’s return to school this week and for completing the Return to School Declaration.

Please see attached our updated Covid 19 Response plan and new protocols for post-primary age pupils. We have updated these in line with the advice from the HSE and the Department of Education & Skills which was emailed to you previously. They take into account the increased risks of transmission re the new Covid 19 variants. The key changes relate to mask-wearing.

There is still no requirement for pupils under the age of 13 to wear face coverings in school. They can do so if they wish. Face coverings are recommended for all children travelling on school buses.

We are asking our post primary pupils to wear cloth or medical masks. The latest Health advice is that these are safer than visors.

Ventilation of the school building is mandatory. Windows will be open in classrooms. Your son or daughter should  wear extra layers of clothing over their uniform such as a warm fleece, hoodie, coat to keep warm.

The most important message is to NOT TO SEND your child to school if they have symptoms of Covid 19, awaiting test or are close contacts of a person with Covid 19 or are in any way unwell.

Our bus escorts have been instructed NOT to allow any child who is reported as unwell or is visibly unwell onto the school bus.

Reminder: please contact your child’s bus driver to confirm the days of attendance.

Please note that in the interest of safety, visits to the school buildings without an appointment are NOT permitted.

A special ISL video for our pupils is below.

Advice for parents for Return to Special Schools – Click below to download leaflet

Updated Covid 19 Response Plan

Please click on the link below to download our school’s COVID-19 Response Plan Policy
(Updated Feb 2021)

Please contact the school office or email if you have any further questions.

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Return to School

Information on returning to school

We are continuing our preparations for the return to school this Thursday 11th February.

Thank you to parents & Guardians who have already emailed Eugene Doyle Deputy Principal /School Office to notify us of your decision regarding your son or daughter’s return to school.

If your son or daughter is not returning, please email this information to:

If he or she is returning please complete and email the attached document: Return to Educational Facility to

School Schedule for EI, Primary and Post Primary

Please see below the schedule for pupil attendance in each section of the school; Early Intervention, Primary & Post Primary up to the end of March 2021.

Please note: This schedule may change inline with public health advice and Department of Education and Skills directives.

We have devised a schedule which best meets the Department’s requirement of a 50% capacity each day and which maximizes socially distancing.  The post primary 6th Year exam classes 6A & 6B have been prioritized for daily attendance.

I know some pupils will be very disappointed that they are not scheduled to return this week. We very much regret this, but we have tried to be as fair as possible to all class groups. We look forward to their return after the mid term break.

Please do not send your son or daughter to school on the days they are not scheduled to attend. If this happens we will phone you to come to the school to collect your child.

We will share the schedule of pupil attendance with Bus Éireann,  but it  is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to inform the bus driver of the days your son or daughter will be attending school.

Early Intervention

  1. Early Intervention: very regretfully, due to staff illness, and health and safety concerns, Early Intervention will NOT reopen until Monday 22nd February 2021.

The Early Intervention teachers and SNAs will continue to support remote learning to the end of this week.


  1. Primary: Click below to download timetable

Post Primary

  1. Post Primary – Click below to download the timetable (final schedule of school attendance)

Schedule of School Attendance (Post Primary)

GROUP A: Class Groups: 1A/2B/3AB/3C/4A/5B/6D

GROUP B: Class Groups:  1B/2A/2C/TY/5A/6C

**6A & 6B will attend fulltime​​**

If you need any additional clarification or information please email

Please continue to check your email, text messages, and our website for updates.

Letter to parents in ISL

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Online Class Rules

Online Class Rules in ISL

Online Class Rules

Online  Class Rules  


  • You must email teachers if you are going to miss their class before the class begins.  
  • Be on time for class.  
  • An attendance record will be kept and is given to Ms. O’Rourke and Mr. Doyle. 
  • Only the class, the teacher and an SNA can participate in the class.    


  • Quiet – mute your microphone unless you are talking  
  • Clear/blur background only and don’t change the background during class.  
  • Visible – Turn your camera on to help with communication  
  • You should be sitting at a table  


  • No playacting – no messing 
  • Ask permission to eat during class   
  • Do not wear sunglasses or PJs   
  • Follow the same rules as you do when you are in class.

To download a copy of the online class rules, click on the link below.

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Guest Speaker from FAI – Jamie Wilson

Category : Post Primary

Today we had a guest speaker, Jamie Wilson, for our fifth and sixth year PE class. We have finished covering the topic on the role of a coach. Jamie kindly accepted our invitation to speak about his role as a coach within FAI, bringing the lesson to life! 
Jamie is Deaf himself and has gone on to achieve a high level of coaching qualifications. Working as head coach for Shelbourne U17s and Ireland U17s football team, he is a great role model for our students as they prepare to finish secondary school. 
Our students and staff enjoyed his presentation. 
Dream big and you’ll win big!  

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Internet Safety for Kids and Families

Irish Deaf Society has organised an Internet Safety for Kids and Families talk for safer Internet Day. Please read more information below.

Message from Trend Micro Europe, information about delivering cyber safety education free into our community. As part of their global Internet Safety for Kids and Families (ISKF) programme and to celebrate Safer Internet Day (Tuesday, Feb 9th) they will host a cyber safety night for parents on zoom.

The cyber safety talk will address many challenges facing parents/guardians everywhere and they would like to extend their invite to you, your colleagues, friends and family; especially those in our Deaf community. See poster attached and further details about the event:

It takes place on Safer Internet Night Tuesday, Feb 9th @8pm.
For Zoom Webinar Details please go to
Or join them on their Facebook Page where the event will be streamed Live @ TrendMicroEurope –

Topics covered include managing screen time, gaming, social networks and safety online.

They will have Q&A time for parents and fellow Trend Micro colleague, Simon Walsh will join as their guest.

Irish Sign Language Interpreter will be present (Ray Greene).

This is a free event and as always everyone is so very welcome to join them.

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Jerusalema Challenge

Category : Post Primary

5th Years take on Jerusalema Challenge
Inspired by the Gardai video that went viral, our 5th years decided to try to take on the Jerusalema challenge with PE Teacher Mrs O’Regan.
Mrs O’Regan began class with a video showing the origin of the song and the dance which can be seen here 

The song reflects on the promise and hope. So as we live in a Covid19 world, it is important to know that there is promise and hope ahead of us. 
It was particularly difficult to do in such a small space and via a screen, it wouldn’t be called a challenge after all. 
After several attempts, the dance shapes our students were throwing began to look familiar! Well done to the 5th Year students. Take a look at our video below to see how they did! 

If you want to learn it yourself, follow the video we used! 

Well done to everyone involved! 

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Maths Challenge!

Category : Post Primary , Primary

Maths Challenge from nrich

Exciting news!! We have a Maths Challenge for you!!

Can you find a cuboid/box that has a total surface area of 100??

Remember how to find the area on one side? 

How many sides are there in a box?

We love to see your investigation work.

Send your answer here = LINK TO MATHS CHALLENGE =

We look forward to seeing your answers,

Maths Department