Language and Communication

In Holy Family School for the Deaf, we aim to create a cherishing environment that meets the unique communication and language needs of each of our students.

Across all sections of the school, the curriculum is taught through the pupil’s preferred language and modality so that they have full access to and can achieve the highest possible standard of education. Spoken, signed and written modalities are used in the classroom and social settings exposing students to both English and Irish Sign Language (ISL).

A whole school approach to language learning is adopted. Our pupils learn through experiencing language in a context which is meaningful. In school, we endeavour to provide a variety of language-rich environments in which language learning – both formal and informal takes place. Extracurricular activities and educational outings provide further opportunities to support the development of expressive and receptive language. All students have access to Speech and Language Therapy support.

Holy Family School for the Deaf is committed to achieving a fully inclusive school community. Strong working partnerships between deaf and hearing people throughout the school are central to this goal. We aim to create an environment of respect and appreciation so that all members of our school community can learn and work together without communication barriers.

Please refer to our Language and Communication Policy in the Policy section of this website =

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