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Principal’s Message at Mid Term

Sincere thanks to our parents & guardians for their support this half term.

There was a very spooky but joyful atmosphere in all sections of the school today in celebration of Halloween!!

Please log on to the website (News section ) and Twitter @HFSchoolDeaf1 for the latest photographs and updates.

I wish you and your families a safe and enjoyable bank holiday weekend and school break!

We return to school on Monday 1st November.  

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CIDP 175 Years Anniversary

All of our Students and Staff was invited to a special celebration of CIDP 175 years anniversary. Our students included their momemtoes and books of their experiences in school for the Time Capsule and they helped with the planting of two trees. We would like to thank CEO Tara McBreen, Manager Paul Ryder and everyone involved in organising today. The sun was shining and it was a wonderful celebration. We want to wish CIDP a very happy 175 years anniversary.

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Redeployment of our Speech and Language Therapist is unfair and unjust.

Newspaper Article on losing our SLT

Thank you to Marie Sherlock for highlighting our concerns

Sunday Independent Article 21/03/2021

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Ireland Reads

On Thursday 25 February Holy Family School is inviting students, staff, family, friends and the deaf community of all ages to get reading.

Why? Because taking some time for yourself to relax and do the things you enjoy (like reading) is important to help look after your mental wellbeing.

Please pick up your favourite book and
2. Time yourself reading
3. Email your time and a selfie of you reading your book (optional)

Happy Reading!!!

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Return to School

Information on returning to school

We are continuing our preparations for the return to school this Thursday 11th February.

Thank you to parents & Guardians who have already emailed Eugene Doyle Deputy Principal /School Office to notify us of your decision regarding your son or daughter’s return to school.

If your son or daughter is not returning, please email this information to:

If he or she is returning please complete and email the attached document: Return to Educational Facility to

School Schedule for EI, Primary and Post Primary

Please see below the schedule for pupil attendance in each section of the school; Early Intervention, Primary & Post Primary up to the end of March 2021.

Please note: This schedule may change inline with public health advice and Department of Education and Skills directives.

We have devised a schedule which best meets the Department’s requirement of a 50% capacity each day and which maximizes socially distancing.  The post primary 6th Year exam classes 6A & 6B have been prioritized for daily attendance.

I know some pupils will be very disappointed that they are not scheduled to return this week. We very much regret this, but we have tried to be as fair as possible to all class groups. We look forward to their return after the mid term break.

Please do not send your son or daughter to school on the days they are not scheduled to attend. If this happens we will phone you to come to the school to collect your child.

We will share the schedule of pupil attendance with Bus Éireann,  but it  is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to inform the bus driver of the days your son or daughter will be attending school.

Early Intervention

  1. Early Intervention: very regretfully, due to staff illness, and health and safety concerns, Early Intervention will NOT reopen until Monday 22nd February 2021.

The Early Intervention teachers and SNAs will continue to support remote learning to the end of this week.


  1. Primary: Click below to download timetable

Post Primary

  1. Post Primary – Click below to download the timetable (final schedule of school attendance)

Schedule of School Attendance (Post Primary)

GROUP A: Class Groups: 1A/2B/3AB/3C/4A/5B/6D

GROUP B: Class Groups:  1B/2A/2C/TY/5A/6C

**6A & 6B will attend fulltime​​**

If you need any additional clarification or information please email

Please continue to check your email, text messages, and our website for updates.

Letter to parents in ISL

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Internet Safety for Kids and Families

Irish Deaf Society has organised an Internet Safety for Kids and Families talk for safer Internet Day. Please read more information below.

Message from Trend Micro Europe, information about delivering cyber safety education free into our community. As part of their global Internet Safety for Kids and Families (ISKF) programme and to celebrate Safer Internet Day (Tuesday, Feb 9th) they will host a cyber safety night for parents on zoom.

The cyber safety talk will address many challenges facing parents/guardians everywhere and they would like to extend their invite to you, your colleagues, friends and family; especially those in our Deaf community. See poster attached and further details about the event:

It takes place on Safer Internet Night Tuesday, Feb 9th @8pm.
For Zoom Webinar Details please go to
Or join them on their Facebook Page where the event will be streamed Live @ TrendMicroEurope –

Topics covered include managing screen time, gaming, social networks and safety online.

They will have Q&A time for parents and fellow Trend Micro colleague, Simon Walsh will join as their guest.

Irish Sign Language Interpreter will be present (Ray Greene).

This is a free event and as always everyone is so very welcome to join them.

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Latest Updates – Phased Return to School

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope this email finds you and your families safe and well.

I email to confirm that Holy Family will re-open next Thursday 11th February.

Please see attached the Letter to Principals from the Department of Education & Skills which was sent to the schools yesterday evening. It  gives the basis for the reopening and references important documents to help schools prepare.

We are very busy studying this documentation from the Department of Education and will update our Covid 19 Response Plan to ensure to the maximum extent  possible, the health and safety of our pupils, staff and extended families.

I will be sharing this updated plan with you and sending you regular updates as we move closer to Thursday 11th. We will translate the key messages for parents and pupils into ISL and upload them to our website.

The Guidance on re-opening of Special Schools states that only 50% of pupils can attend school every day. I will be sending you our schedule for this attendance as early as possible next week.  It is likely, but not confirmed as yet, that our Early Intervention & Primary pupils will attend on alternative days  e.g. Monday/ Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday.  Pupils will attend for either 2 days or 3 days each week. All pupils will have the same time in school over a 2 week period. On the days the class group is at home online or remote teaching will continue to be provided.

Post Primary Classes are likely, but not as yet confirmed, to attend either for 3 days or two days in sequence every week i.e. Mon/Tues/Wed or Thursday/Friday. All pupils will have the same time in school over a two week period. There may be special provision for 6th year Exam pupils to attend on a fulltime basis. This is a model that best fits with Boarding.  On the days the class group is at home online or remote teaching will be provided.

We hope that all pupils can return to our school. I would be grateful if you would  let me know by Monday 8th February at the latest  if your son or daughter will not be returning to school. We need this information to finalize our planning and to notify our bus escorts.

Please email this information to for the attention of Deputy Principal Eugene Doyle.

If your son or daughter is not returning to school, we will endeavour to put supports in place for the days they are not attending live schooling. But this will very much depend on the availability of staff to provide this support. It will not be possible for the class teacher to teach students in school and at home at the same time.

School Transport

I understand that grants can be provided to parents/guardians if they wish to bring their own children to school rather than use school transport for this limited period until all schools reopen.

I hope to be able to give you more information and share links to School Transport to apply for this grant as soon as possible.


It is of HUGE IMPORTANCE that your son or daughter DOES NOT COME TO SCHOOL WHEN THEY ARE SICK. Please err on the side of caution if your child is unwell. I will be directing bus escorts not to allow any child who is unwell onto the school buses.

We MUST keep our school community safe!

Short videos for parents from public health doctors will be circulated to reaffirm the importance of keeping COVID-19 out of education facilities by keeping symptomatic children at home

Every Parent MUST complete and RETURN the attached declaration form.

It is also available at this link:

Parents of children returning in this phase will be asked by the school to complete the declaration form at the attached link: This form is to be used when children are returning to the setting after any absence.

You can email this completed form to or the child can return the form on his or her first day back to school.

If your son or daughter becomes unwell during the school day, You MUST be in a position to collect your son or daughter. Sick pupils are not allowed to travel on school or public transport.

I hope this information is helpful and I will continue to share our plans as they develop with you in the coming days.

Please also check our Website for updates.

Kindest regards,


Letter from Department of Education to Principals below

Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form below

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Home School Hub in ISL

RTÉ is delighted to confirm that from Monday, February 1st  students and their families can view Home School Hub ISL from 10am to 12pm on RTÉjr, mirroring the Home School Hub delivery on RTÉ2. 

This new series of Home School Hub ISL will be signed by native ISL presenters Marcus, Jennifer and Tom and will broadcast at 10am Monday to Friday on RTÉjr, followed at 11am by repeat episodes from the first series of Home School Hub ISL.   

You can find RTÉjr on UPC /Virgin channel 600/ Saorview channel 7 and Sky channel 617. 

This means that from Monday, all children and families will have access to a virtual classroom from 10am-12 noon, either on RTÉ2 or RTÉ Jr and RTÉ Player.  

In addition to the broadcast on RTÉjr, the ISL Home School Hub will also stream ‘live’ on the RTÉ Player in its dedicated ISL area which you can find here: 

Home School Hub ISL will be available after broadcast here:

RTÉ 2 will continue to broadcast a number of ISL programmes for children during the week including Storytime, Body Brothers, Wild Kids and Drop Dead Weird. 

We know this is a challenging time for all parents and their children and we’re committed to supporting the deaf community in whatever way we can.  We’re organising a virtual visit by the News2Day team in February in the Holy Family School for The Deaf’s sixth class as well as an on line careers talk for the TY class. 

Finally, we’ve added a new feature in RTÉ Player on desktop computers to easily select ISL versions of programmes (where available). 

A switch to default to always play ISL (where available) regardless of Sign In: 

And the ability to see (and where applicable, select) if an episode has ISL before you play it: 

(Click the black ‘Irish Sign Language’ button to turn it red and then click ‘Watch Now’) 

All available ISL catch up programmes (Kids and all other genres) can be found here:

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Latest Updates

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you are aware the plan to re-open Special Schools on Thursday 21st January has now been reversed by the Department of Education & Skills.

Holy Family will therefore not re-open tomorrow.

We very much look forward to our return and fully understand the challenges for our pupils learning from home, and for you their parents in support, at this very challenging time.

Please continue to reach out to your son or daughters’ teachers and SNAs for support.

Please also continue to log on to our website for news and updates.

Stay safe & best regards,