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Digital progress under the Grant Scheme for EU NRRP funding to Schools

Dear Parents/guardians

We would like to update you on our digital progress under the Grant Scheme for EU NRRP funding to Schools at Risk of Educational disadvantage. Circular letter 0060/2021 – Grant Scheme for EU NRRP Funding to schools to address the digital divide, and learners at risk of educational disadvantage (

In 2021 our school received €8000 as part of this scheme. This funding was used to support Holy Family’s core project, within our overarching digital strategy. As you are aware we began this project in 2020 with the assistance of funding from the Dublin Lions so we could  support our pupils through the covid pandemic.

The goal of the project was to ensure that every pupil in the second level section of the school and senior pupils (5th/6th class) in the primary section had access to a personal digital device i.e. a Google Chromebook. This would ensure full participation in Google Classroom for all, both in school and outside school for homework tasks or for access to teaching and learning should the school be forced to close.  The wellbeing of our Deaf students is at the heart of this project.  We know that they are at risk of disengagement from learning and social isolation when at home for long periods.

In addition, all pupils would have shared access to digital learning devices such as iPads and digital cameras. Deaf students are visual learners, so each class teacher was to be provided with a visualizer. Visualizers provide Deaf students with equal access to text-based learning. EU funding was also used to purchase one additional interactive presentation device- a Clever Touch Screen. Combing these technologies allows our Deaf students to engage in whole school activities such as Kahoot quizzes, digital storytelling, and other activities.

The project was led by our in-school digital team. The Chromebooks were made available to parent/guardians for purchase or rental. Families who could not afford the rental were fully supported under the EU NRRP grant. Access to other digital technologies were made available to all class teachers through a booking scheme. Teacher training was initially provided for free by the companies who provided the technology. Additional training was provided by the in school digital team and peer learning over the course of one full school year after school hours.

We are proud to report that EVERY pupil from the youngest in early intervention to the oldest in the post primary section benefited from the project. The project has been enormously successfully. We now consider our school to well on our journey to digital excellence!

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Back to School Letter to Parents

Dear Parent or Guardian,

I hope you and your family are safe and well and enjoyed a lovely summer break. We look forward to welcoming your son or daughter back to school next week.

Please note the return to school dates:

Tuesday 30th August 1st Year and 6th Year post-primary pupils only

Wednesday 31st August All other pupils primary and post-primary pupils

Early Intervention: Wednesday 31st August unless a different date has been agreed with Co-ordinator Ger Lewis.

As you may have heard on the media, recruiting teachers is very challenging this school year. Holy Family shares this experience and due to retirements and teachers on leave of absence we will be starting the school year without teachers appointed especially in the post primary. Many of our substitute teachers are also not available to us. We will continue to work hard to source suitable teachers and, in the interim, put in-school measures in place for our pupils.

School Calendar 2022/23

A copy of the school calendar 2022/23 is attached.

School Resource Payments

As we must increase the cost of administration and practical subject expenses, we are not asking for Voluntary Contributions for this school year. A list of the expenses is attached.

We would appreciate full payment by the end of October 2022.

Parents and guardians have the option of spreading costs by monthly standing order over the course of the year, to cover all subjects and school activities. For parents and guardians who avail of this option, and we confirm we will not look for any additional payments this includes swimming fees for primary pupils. 

School Transport

You will be contacted in late August (usually the week before the new term starts) by your child’s bus/taxi driver with details. Students who are travelling to school via public transport i.e. train or Bus Eireann intercity services will be issued with either a bus or train pass.

Please email Aideen Lynch or  if the driver has not contacted you or you have concerns.

Please note it is parent’s responsibility to inform bus/taxi drivers of their son or daughter’s return to school date and if they are not availing of the service on any particular day due to illness, appointments etc.

A Safe Return

  • As per directives form the Department of Education our current Covid protocols regarding hand sanitation and ventilation remain in place. NO CHILD, OR PARENT SHOULD ATTEND OUR SCHOOL IF UNWELL OR IF ANY MEMBERS OF THEIR HOUSEHOLD ARE UNWELL WITH SYMPTOMS CONSISTENT WITH COVID-19.  

Arrival to School

Pupils travelling on school transport should remain in the car/bus until the school doors are open at 8.50 am (post Primary) and 9.00am (Primary and Early Intervention)

School Uniform

Students should attend in the required school uniform every day unless otherwise directed.

School Lunches

Students should bring a healthy lunch to school. Parents and Guardians of Boarding pupils should ensure they bring a lunch to school every Monday.

School Attendance

As a parent, you must let the school know if your child is absent and the reason why. It is school policy that reasons must be given in writing.  Parents/Guardians can use the school diary which has dedicated pages for your notes. The school will notify the National Educational Welfare Board if a child is absent without reason for 20 days or more or where the absence gives rise to concern.

If your child is sick or is absent for other good reasons, no action will be taken by the NEWB.  However, if there is concern about your child’s attendance at school or about the reasons given, you may be visited by an Educational Welfare Officer who will discuss your child’s education with you.  The Officer will work with you and take full account of the circumstances of the child and the family before deciding what further action is necessary to ensure that the child receives his/her entitlement to an education.

Further information concerning the new service and about school attendance matters generally can be obtained from the national Lo-Call Education Helpline (Telephone 1890 36 36 66) which is staffed by an Educational Welfare Officer.


Audiology support will continue to be provided to all students following all necessary safety measures. Please ensure that your son/daughter arrives at school with working hearing aid/cochlear implant and other assistive technology (FM system) if applicable. Students should have spare hearing aid/cochlear implant batteries and be encouraged to change these themselves where possible. As always assistance will be provided to students when required. Spare batteries are available in school as usual at a cost of 50 cent per battery.

Mobile Phones:

The use of mobile phones is not permitted during the school day. For security, phones should be switched off and stored in the students’ locker or the school office before 9am. If pupils need to make a call during the school day, they can do so from the school office.

Well-being & Counselling

The wellbeing of all our pupils is central to our mission. If you have any concerns or need additional support, please contact Ms O’Rourke, principal or Eugene Doyle Deputy Principal.

Class teachers and SNAs

I would like to thank teachers Ms Katrina Connolly, Mrs Mary Ohle and SNA Kathleen McDonagh for their many years of dedicated service and wish them every happiness in their retirement. Four new teacher appointments for Primary and one for Post Primary are currently pending.

I wish to thank you for entrusting Holy Family with the education of your son/daughter, as we continuing to work with you throughout their time with us in Holy Family.

An ISL translation of this letter will be available on our website shortly.

Enjoy the last few days of the school holidays.



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Active School Flag 2022

Please click on this link to read more about Active School Flag =

Below are photos of active activities in Holy Family Primary School.

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Golf Classics 22nd April 2022

The Holy Family School for the Deaf are hosting a fundraising Golf Classic event on Friday 22nd April 2022
in St Margaret’s Golf & Country Club, Co Dublin. All funds raised via this event will go towards a new 18
seater bus for Holy Family School for the Deaf. It is very important that the Holy Family Deaf School can
fully engage with learning in external environments. A new bus can be used to bring our students on
educational field trips for example a trip to the Print Museum, National Art Gallery, Kildare National Studs,
Titanic in Belfast and so much more.

We would truly appreciate if your company/organisation would consider being involved in our event.

To book your place please click on link below to download booking form.

Please fill in the form and email your form details to If you need any further information please text Geoffrey at 0861788701.

Thank you in advance for supporting our School!

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Science blast in Early intervention.

Category : Early Intervention

Early Intervention having great fun doing Science Floating & Sinking experiments.

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Covid 19 Vaccination Progamme

The HSE continue to rollout the COVID-19 vaccination programme and with over 90% of those aged 12 years and above fully vaccinated. For anyone aged 12 and over who hasn’t had their COVID-19 vaccine yet; dose 1 or 2 they can register on for an appointment in a HSE clinic. People can also talk to their GP or local pharmacy about getting their COVID-19 vaccine. Booster clinics are also open for eligible people aged 16 years and older. Visit for more information.

COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 years The National Immunisation Advisory Committee (NIAC) recommends parents and guardians consider vaccinating their 5 to 11-year-old children. COVID-19 vaccine is particularly recommended if children:

· Have a health condition that puts them at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19

· live with a younger child or adult who is at risk of severe illness if they get COVID-19 e.g. another child with complex medical needs, or an immunocompromised adult The vaccine that will be offered to children aged 5 to 11 years is Comirnaty® Children’s formulation.

Children in this age group will be given a smaller dose of the vaccine than adults.

Parents and guardians can register their child for their vaccine online at

As part of this stage of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, information for people considering vaccinating their children including information about the benefits and risk of vaccination and information about how to get vaccinated is available on

A cartoon strip has also been developed to help children understand what will happen when they go to a HSE clinic to get their COVID-19 vaccine

Getting COVID-19 vaccines with other vaccines NIAC advises that children aged 5 to 11 years wait at least 2 weeks between getting a COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines, like the flu vaccine or 4 in 1 and MMR vaccines. Children aged 2 to 17 years can get the free nasal flu vaccine through participating GPs and pharmacies until the end of this month. Information about the flu vaccination programme is available on the HSE website at A list of pharmacies giving flu vaccines is also available on Children in Junior Infants may also be due their 4 in 1 and MMR vaccine, school teams will work with your school to ensure where possible the vaccination programme continues and children whose parents have consented for them to receive 4in1 and MMR vaccine can do so.

Consent Only parent(s) and legal guardian(s) are entitled to provide consent for vaccination for students under 16 years of age. A video covering information about consent is available from our office YouTube Channel at

Further information on COVID-19 vaccines we recommend visiting the HSE website

Eimear O’Rourke M.Ed


Useful information on Covid – 19 in ISL below.

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Return to School 6th January 2022

Holy Family School for the Deaf will re-open for all our pupils tomorrow Thursday 6th January.

Please DO Not send your son or daughter to school if they are unwell or have symptoms of Covid 19. We need to keep our school community safe.

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy 2022.

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NetFIT Challenge!

New Year New You! For Twenty Twenty Two!

Are you ready to sign up for Holy Family Deaf School Cabra#NetFIT challenge at #HFSD!
NetFIT Challenge will start on the 10th of January 2022.

Check out this promo video

To register click here per entry or 15e for you and a friend!

******** Every registration goes into a draw for a FITBIT watch! ********

An example of testing the fitness component ‘BALANCE’

Register Here

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Christmas Raffle

Thank you to all our sponsors and to everyone who bought a ticket for our Christmas Raffle.

First prize €250 sponsored by Peter and Niall Foran
Won by Majella Harris Athy

Second first prize sponsored by Tobin Estate Company won by Mehreen Syed from Dublin (Shauzab from first-year mum)

Second Prize €200 sponsored by Deaf Sports Ireland
Won by Laura Donovan Drogheda

Third Prize €100 sponsored by Mary Hogan and HFSD won by Melissa McCabe

4th Prize two games won by Geoffrey McCormack

5th Prize Candle hamper won by Natalie Bryan

6th 7th 8th Christmas Eve Treats bag and mug sponsored by Katie Hughes.
Won by
Sinéad Gavaghan
Mary Fitzpatrick
Danielle Maher

9th Prize Men gift set
Won by Ethan McCarthy

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Covid 19 Update regarding vaccines for 5-11 age cohort.

Please find the latest information regarding vaccines for the 5-11 age cohort below.

COVID-19 vaccine information for parents of children aged 5-11

The HSE has published detailed information and guidance for parents about COVID-19 vaccines for children aged 5-11. This aims to help parents and guardians of 5-11-year-old children make an informed decision when it’s time for their child to be offered a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Registration for the vaccine will open shortly, with priority being placed on children who are more at risk from COVID-19 or children who have a high-risk person in the family. Parents and guardians can read this information on  or they can download these information booklets from

Important information for parents and guardians about the COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 5-11 (Comirnaty, Pfizer/BioNTech) (PDF, size 1.11 MB, 16 pages)